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Fernando Gonzalez Rubio is back from The Makalu


Por: Fernando Gonzalez Rubio

After trying to be at the top of this great mountain amid great storms and winds of 40º below zero, after being on the edge to continue or desist also meant to be on the edge of life or death. The frustration of having withdrawn from the top becomes the firm have made a good decision: An American and a Sherpa who came behind us, decided to stay to try to top the other day I drop, until now have not returned and nothing is known about them. Yesterday two Sherpa’s who remained in field 3 to support the top of your customers that have not yet arrived at the camp, fell in appalling conditions, almost lose their lives in the mountains and do not lose hope for serious freezing fingers.

I am sorry of these things, I went down with sadness for not having reached the top, now that sadness is leaving because I know I made the best decision and I can reunite soon with my family and friends, but there comes the sadness of knowing that others were not my Luckily, I pray to heaven to return alive.

This time it’s my 16th in the Himalayas, looking for the 8000’s. I have bad remembers in my mind before lived these mountains, as when a Manaslu’s avalanche surprised my and my partner. He lost his life, Lenin Granados my friend. Whenever lost the life in the mountains is very sad thing. I do not agree with those who say: " he died in his law, where he wanted to be, doing what he loved." The mountain is not to die, is to live. It is not the mountain that takes away our lives, the mountain is not a murder, the mountain has no intention. The mountain is the challenge of our desire for freedom, is life itself. Die in the mountains is not the desire of any climber, unless you have suicidal vocation. I retire happy to be healthy and safe, sad for those who have disappeared and suffered in its entirety. All those pretty candles that you put to pry the top, now, with the grace of you will be a tribute to those who lost their lives in this season in the Himalayan Mountains.

I will continue in my purpose of the 14 eight-thousands. I hope you can continue accompanying me on the other expedition. I am immensely grateful for so much strength and support of all of you. From my eyes tears drain ink fortunately not at this post.

I am very grateful with my sponsors for allowing this dream. Thanks also to the young inventors of facebook because it was the freely way to share my moments, my steps on this mountain.

Early in the morning the return on a 4 day trek up there Turlimgtar and flown to Kathmandu. I Hope to see you soon and sharing these experiences. Do not forget to follow my on this page and I will coming back in the company of my parceros!

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